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Sparks fly is definitely about sex. No matter what anyone says.

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I love her, but I feel like now I can't relate to her anymore.
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I love Taylor. People can say what they want about her music and her singing; to each is their own, but they can’t deny what a wonderful person she is. She treats her fans with the utmost respect and love. She’s a good role model and seems rather genuine. BUT, the more I hear about people she’s dated, the more it makes me question how much of her image is feeding off really good PR. This doesn’t change anything for me because I know I like to over-analyze things and I surely don’t know her personally or anything. My friends and family—and not to mention everyone I’ve defended Taylor against— would be shocked at this confession knowing that I’m such a big fan of hers and all.

I got jealous of the people who met Taylor at the concert I went to. I tried so hard and nothing happened. When I got home and read all the stories and saw all the pictures I got super jealous and still am when I see them. Don’t get me wrong though, I’m happy for them. I just wish it was me.

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She has helped me through more than any of my friends or family just through her music. I’m sometimes afraid I depend too much on her, but then I realize that I can because she’s just that amazing.

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I LOVE Taylor Swift because she appears to be so SWEET and KIND… and i love talking with taylor fans on TC and even on Tumblr… but i feel like they don’t accept me and automatically presume that they are a bigger fan then me therefore they are better than me and so don’t really come across as sweet OR kind which makes me sad because Taylor deserve’s the BEST kind of people as her friends/fans.

When will she sing about something that doesn’t have to do with boys? It’s like she’s obsessed with boys. Doesn’t she know anything else? And she can’t sing live. I dislike her.

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